ah i see youve noticed me tamping down the soft earth

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this is probably the best screenshot i’m ever going to take in smash 3ds


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I think about this tweet a lot. 

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looking at drawings in a handmirror is REALLY FUNNY if you do it during other non-drawing classes because no one knows what the fuck you’re doing you’re just digging this large mirror out of your bag and holding it above your notebook at an angle and furrowing your brows and going “hmm” and then putting it down and scribbling. you can just feel them attempting to guess what possible purpose that was for

Have some fashion  ||  Yves Saint Laurent s/s 2013 RTW

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October 19 2014

"there’s no way to flip horizontal irl" um it’s called carrying a large handmirror around at all times and looking at the drawing in the mirror :/ git gud :/